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tocco builds the world's largest alternative materials platform to connect world-changing materials with trailblazing brands.

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It's just unevenly distributed.

tocco has 'gone around the world', and gathered the most mindblowing materials that are virtuous for planet and people, and more importantly that allow business leaders and product designers to build new category-defining products of the future.

For buyers

You are a product designer, procurement expert, sustainability leader or brand operator. Our ambition is to make material discovery 10x faster, so that you can build future-defining products 10x easier.


We run unbiased, independent and complete analysis of materials to ensure best decision-making processes.

Efficient Searches

Say goodbye to endless searches for the perfect material or supplier. We efficiently curate and present materials tailored to your needs.

Respecting Circularity

We are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality materials that adhere to the principles of circular economy.

Showcasing excellence

Showcasing top-tier brands that are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and commercialise cleaner products.

For sellers

You are an innovator, entrepreneur and alternative material supplier. And it's a drag to do 1-on-1 business development. Our dream is to help the best and more virtuous material producers have 10x success and make 10x impact.

Reaching the right customers

Tocco's mission is to help customers find the most relevant and ready customers quickly. 

Facilitating the supply chain

Tocco assists customers in gathering the best and most future-looking brands at 10x speed. 

Focus on innovation

Inventing and producing cleaner materials is challenging enough. Leave the rest to us.

Global reach,
instant impact

Tocco provides you with extensive global reach right from the start.

A cleaner future is more than possible.

Excellency embedded

We selectively collaborate with top-tier materials and suppliers, expediting the transition towards a sustainable future.

Supported by top leaders

Backed by world-class investors and advisors, we are a part of and benefit from an exclusive, far-reaching network.

Tech & A.I. from day one

We believe in the power of technology. We are committed to leverage tech for 10x results and speed.

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